Originally from Fairfield,CA, SpaceWalker is a spunky one-woman-band with whimsical  genre-fluid instrumentation and lyrics that will make your brain do a double-take. Whether she’s creating an entire song with just her voice, rocking out with her unicorn masked dancers “The Two Trick Ponies” , or hunched over her keyboard/guitar, SpaceWalker always brings a unique and refreshing energy with her.

She was the winner of the “Get Some Ink” Talent Competition (2014) in Roseville CA, the first finalist for “Midtown’s Got Talent” (2015) in Sacramento CA, and the only female two-time winner of the “LOUD” rap competition(2014) in Sacramento CA.

April Space Walker says when she was a young teen, she wrote to escape the things mentally weighing her down or to face them in a free and safe environment; and before she wrote her own music she escaped  with Outkast or Radiohead or Queen or anything that she could FEEL. Not just in her eardrums..Not just in her mind, but (at the risk of sounding insanely cheesy) in her heart and soul. SpaceWalker aims to create  her own interpretation on that feeling/concept for the listener as well as herself in her music and performance art.

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