Folktronica: A Prelude…

SpaceWalker releases her newest EP,  Folktronica: A Prelude…

Our Protagonist’s home planet, Folktronica, wiped her memory at birth and sent her to earth to observe and gather information about the alien species known as the “human race”…

Far away in a galaxy beyond comprehension
On a planet driven by art and emotion.
Lo and behold! The
Key to awaking the masses is lost on earth!
Trapped in her own mind. She is not fully aware of her power.
Running from her own strengths disguised as hindrance.
Once the folktroniks touch her 3rd eye,
Never again will she doubt self or soul
It appears time is running out.
‘Cause she doesn’t know what time really is.
As always, time has just begun.



Interstellarbeats SpaceWalker Folktronica: A Prelude...

Folktronica: A Prelude…

released October 31, 2015

First and foremost, this album would not be possible at all without Jay “M.O.M” Nazareno! He believed in me after only knowing me a few hours to gift me “beatMaker2”, the program on my IPHONE that I used to create this ENTIRE PROJECT. Thank you so much! I couldn’t do what I do without amazing people like you.

Donald Burnett aka Miagma, created the word Folktronica while describing my art and as you can see, he has created a monster! Thank You for inspiring me!

Special thank you also to AlienLogik for letting me visit the MotherShip to record the vocals and Andru Defeye for mixing the instrumentals and showing me the ropes.

Written, Composed, & performed by- April Space Walker

Thank You Kaila Dougherty-Defeye for the wonderful album cover!! It’s almost as beautiful as you. 🙂

Check out Folktronica: A Prelude… on bandcamp!

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